Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity (2013) is based on a sculpture by Bill Smith called Structure. The 20-foot tall tower weighs only two ounces and is similar to many natural structures found in our world. The structures that I find most intriguing are hair cells – sensory receptors for perceiving sound that are found on a microscopic level in almost every mammal.

The overall shape of Structural Integrity reflects that of the damped sine wave that gives Smith’s Structure its form. My piece begins with a broad base of octave doublings and eventually tapers down to one line; one note. The constant growth and decay of dynamic, line, and tone color throughout reflects the oscillation of a sine wave as it is interpreted by human ears. These similar swelling shapes create a series of interconnected musical modules that seamlessly transition from one to the other and finally converge upon a single unison pitch, reminiscent of how the piece began.

The premier took place among Smith’s work at the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri on 4 May 2013.

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Children With Smart Phones – III: Distracted

Movement III: Distracted begins confused and indecisive. With so much going on in technology, we are conditioning our children to attempt to pay attention to everything at once while comprehension and the realization of the importance of human interaction and face-to-face communication goes by the wayside. This movement, however, evolves to come out triumphant over this evil that is inherent in technology because I maintain hope: hope that our children are not completely lost to this technological zombification; hope that a balance can be struck between humanity and technology; hope that we will not be the victims of our own carelessness but in the end come out better for the progress we have made and the creativity we have inspired. Although the evils are ever present, it is up to us to make the decision to rise above the temptation and take the control back from technology.

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Premiere performance in Whitmore Recital hall at the University of Missouri-Columbia by the Mizzou New Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Stefan Freund.escorts women

Children With Smart Phones – II: Happy

Movement II: “Happy” is the almost desperate attempt to maintain happiness. The beauty of a quiet child intently playing with their smart phone can bring a sort of joy and reprieve to the stressed-out parent but this movement more asks

Are you really happy? Is this really the only way to maintain a respectful, quiet, behaved child?

We trick ourselves into thinking that technology will give us happiness but something is missing, something just isn’t quite right. The happiness is shallow and unrequited, leaving us wanting more.

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Premiere performance in Whitmore Recital hall at the University of Missouri-Columbia by the Mizzou New Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Stefan Freund.escort in kuwait

Children With Smart Phones – I: Fat

Movement I: “Fat” encapsulates the evils of technology, luring us in with their enticing rhythms and groovy melodies, begging us to sit down and genjoy their complexity, completely shut off from the real world. Easy for a child to figure out, this movement is not surprisingly dissonant. There are a couple sections where it would seem the child is happy and nothing is wrong but the underlying dissonance always comes back to remind us that this fleeting joy will not last but perhaps its negative effects will.

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Premiere Performance by the Mizzou New Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Stefan Freund.dubaiescort

Children With Smart Phones

Children with Smart Phones is about technology’s negative effect on the upcoming generation of kids. Everywhere I go, I see children so enthralled with a cell phone that they cannot socialize or act normally in society. Parents shove a smart phone in their kid’s hands to distract them and keep them quiet instead of teaching them the values of being respectful and socially cognizant. Children would rather sit at home with their cell phones, texting, tweeting, and facebooking while their childhood is slipping away, than go outside and play with their friends or ride their bikes or find entertainment in the simplicity of life. Children are growing up Fat, Happy, and Distracted to the extent that they expect everything to be given to them, placed in their hands, at their fingertips, and they do not understand the value of hard work or physical labor.

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