Children With Smart Phones

Children with Smart Phones is about technology’s negative effect on the upcoming generation of kids. Everywhere I go, I see children so enthralled with a cell phone that they cannot socialize or act normally in society. Parents shove a smart phone in their kid’s hands to distract them and keep them quiet instead of teaching them the values of being respectful and socially cognizant. Children would rather sit at home with their cell phones, texting, tweeting, and facebooking while their childhood is slipping away, than go outside and play with their friends or ride their bikes or find entertainment in the simplicity of life. Children are growing up Fat, Happy, and Distracted to the extent that they expect everything to be given to them, placed in their hands, at their fingertips, and they do not understand the value of hard work or physical labor.


I. Fat

II. Happy

III. Distractedarab escort