Children With Smart Phones – III: Distracted

Movement III: Distracted begins confused and indecisive. With so much going on in technology, we are conditioning our children to attempt to pay attention to everything at once while comprehension and the realization of the importance of human interaction and face-to-face communication goes by the wayside. This movement, however, evolves to come out triumphant over this evil that is inherent in technology because I maintain hope: hope that our children are not completely lost to this technological zombification; hope that a balance can be struck between humanity and technology; hope that we will not be the victims of our own carelessness but in the end come out better for the progress we have made and the creativity we have inspired. Although the evils are ever present, it is up to us to make the decision to rise above the temptation and take the control back from technology.

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Premiere performance in Whitmore Recital hall at the University of Missouri-Columbia by the Mizzou New Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Stefan Freund.escorts women