Ulterior Motives

Ulterior Motives is a dark yet exciting work that takes you on a journey through the underlying agenda that drives betrayal and inevitable revenge. While everything seems to be normal on the surface the mind is clouded with malicious intent which, at times, can taint even the most innocent of endeavors.


I. Betrayal and Chaos

Once betrayed there is no turning back. The utter pain and anger that this unforeseen betrayal brings you will only fester and drive you into a chaotic mess of feelings and emotions.

II. Aftermath and Reflection

Sit now and contemplate all of these past experiences for what they were and are. Ponder the past and plan the future because it cannot end here.

III. Revenge

Revenge is a bitter-sweet plan of action. Still clouded by the hatred and anger associated with your betrayal you can only act out of pure passion. But in the end your betrayer received their just deserve.dubai girl